Friday, March 28, 2014

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Fusion finish is more than a bathtub refinishing company. Fusion Finish is a Bathtub refinishing process that penetrates the old surface and chemically welds a new surface not ONTO, but INTO the old surface! 22 years owner / operated business means you get that experience on your refinishing project!

The Fusion Finish bathtub refinishing process insures that you will get the best technologically advanced finish coat (synthetic porcelain) on your Bathtub, Tile, Vanity or Counter top refinishing.

The Fusion Finish process includes: chemically cleaning the surface to remove oils and residue normal cleaning leaves behind, Etching the old surface so microscopic scratches allow the fusion lock molecular primer to sink into the old surface. 3 coats of synthetic porcelain is then applied using an HVLP applicator with 3 pounds of air pressure to gently lay the coating on the surface. This mixture produces a chemical reaction that fuses the new surface into the old. (1) more coat of fusion lock is then applied, followed by 2 - 3 more coats of synthetic porcelain. This fuses the surfaces together! 

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