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Affordable Bathtub Refinishing, Dallas

Quality Bathtub Refinishing Does not Have to cost a lot

Bathtub Refinishing in Dallas has very few true competitors

The reason for that is only a few companies are doing true bathtub refinishing. The low cost, fly by night guys will be the ones that want to use the 1990's technology of using Epoxy paint on your bathtub. There is a reason why professionals screamed for a replacement to Epoxy paint in the 1990's! In fact there are several reasons. Epoxy paint is just that, a paint. Epoxy paint will peel off if moisture gets under it. Epoxy paint has a dull painted look. Epoxy paint will yellow if bleach is used on it.
In Fact very few Bathtub, Shower, Tile refinishing companies ever would do residential homes in the 1990's. It was a quick fix for Apartments and Hotels.
New technology now allows us to never paint a bathtub again! True Bathtub Refinishing Professionals will use Synthetic Porcelain as the finish coat and using the new line of Nano Technology in the molecular bonding primers can literally glue that new surface to the old surface.

Fusion Finish Process goes one step deeper

In fact Fusion Finish uses old school techniques of etching into the old surface, Then using the Fusion lock molecular bonding primer with Nano Technology I hand rub that primer into the exposed pores and microscopic scratches that were made by the etching process. Using my Gold Package refinishing technique I then apply 9 full coats of synthetic porcelain finish. Synthetic Porcelain is a Far cry from the outdated Epoxy Paint. Synthetic porcelain is cross linked with vinyl. fiberglass resin and I also apply liquid glass into the catalyzed solution. The end result is the Synthetic porcelain melts into the molecular bonding agent which was first melted into the old surface. Then each individual coat of synthetic porcelain is melted into the previous coat so everything cures as a solid unit. Thus, making the synthetic porcelain new surface and integral part of the fixture that has been refinished.

What is the average cost for refinishing in Dallas?

I think you will find the average cost of quality Bathtub refinishing in the Dallas,Tx. area to be around $550.00. Now, you will have to keep in mind some of these people that are charging $200 or less are still using the old Epoxy Paint. Will they admit that? Probably not, since epoxy paint is the black cloud that hangs over our refinishing industry! Now you can save yourself some headache and Take advantage of my Specials that are going on right now! My prices are waaayyy below the average. I use only synthetic porcelain (and not diluted down with half thinner!) Plus I have been in business for 22 years and will tell you I keep my prices low by being an owner / operated company, driving a 4 cylinder paid for work truck and not renting some office that I would never be at anyways! I call it the common sense business model. LOL. Please take a minute to see my pictures, videos and flat rate price list! <Bathtub Refinishing Dallas,Tx.>

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Fusion finish is more than a bathtub refinishing company. Fusion Finish is a Bathtub refinishing process that penetrates the old surface and chemically welds a new surface not ONTO, but INTO the old surface! 22 years owner / operated business means you get that experience on your refinishing project!

The Fusion Finish bathtub refinishing process insures that you will get the best technologically advanced finish coat (synthetic porcelain) on your Bathtub, Tile, Vanity or Counter top refinishing.

The Fusion Finish process includes: chemically cleaning the surface to remove oils and residue normal cleaning leaves behind, Etching the old surface so microscopic scratches allow the fusion lock molecular primer to sink into the old surface. 3 coats of synthetic porcelain is then applied using an HVLP applicator with 3 pounds of air pressure to gently lay the coating on the surface. This mixture produces a chemical reaction that fuses the new surface into the old. (1) more coat of fusion lock is then applied, followed by 2 - 3 more coats of synthetic porcelain. This fuses the surfaces together! 

 Bathtub Refinishing, Dallas

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Fusion Finish| 469-338-9620
Fusion Finish in Rockwall, Texas Services all of DFW.
Fusion Finish etches the old surface, applies a molecular
bonding coat to chemically weld the finish coat onto the surface.
All work is backed by a warranty! See My website below!
 This was a Fiberglass Bathtub that had cracked along the back side. It was repaired using fiberglass resin mixed with marine grade epoxy to fix the crack. A layer of fiberglass resin mixed with a hardening agent was then sprayed over the inside walls and floor to strengthen the structure. The final part was an application of molecular bonding primer followed with 5 - 7 coats of polymer glaze finish coat! Ready to use the following day! This goes beyond bathtub refinishing this is Fusion Finish!
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Fusion Finish| 469-338-9620

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Fusion Finish Can Refinish any surface!

  • Fusion Refinishing for porcelain
  • Fusion Refinishing for Fiberglass
  • Fusion Refinishing for Acrylic tubs
  • Fusion Refinishing for Cultured marble tubs
  • Fusion Refinishing for Cultured marble vanities

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